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The cost management is very important for a company and the costs for buying and maintaining the car fleet are one of the most difficult aspects a Romanian company active in the business milieu in Romania has to deal with. The Long-term rental
 (operational Leasing with included services) is the best method of externalizing the financing and management of the auto stock.

The client shall have a personalizes auto stock, modulated according to his own needs, without becoming the owner of the fleet and without burdening himself with related burocratic obligations such as acquisition, maintenance, management and selling. An auto stock with null capital invested for acquisition (without the obligation to make an advanced payment), services designed for your needs, prompt support, no re-selling risks. A fix monthly payment during the entire contract period, which is entirely fiscally deductible and permits sure costs, easy to budget

Long-term car rental is the best method of externalizing the financing and management of the auto stock. The externalization of some operations which are not part of the main activity of a company is a verified solution for increasing the economic efficiency, mainly by using and concentrating the resources in the key fields of activity. The cars which nowadays are so very necessary produce a lot of perturbations of the manager\'s time and company\'s budget in the acquisition stage but most of all in the exploitation stage.

Our services answer to the most sophisticated demands and are continuously bettered. They contain all the aspects regarding the management of a vehicle, from its acquisition, financing, exploitation control and pursue in case of accidents, up to renting and reselling.

Our orientation towards the client is represented by the high quality level of our services, by the fact that AWR LEASE SERVICES has implemented and maintains a quality management system according to the conditions of the standard SR EN ISO 9001:2001(ISO 9001-2000), the RO- 6205 Certificate from  26.03.08.


Financial-fiscal Advantages:

The monthly rent covers: the vehicle use value, the financing, the maintenance (inspections and repairs determined by the normal wear), the insurances (RCA, CASCO), the taxes (registration, duty, the Ro-vignette, ITP, environment tax), change of Summer/Winter tires, round the clock road assistance, replacement vehicle and vehicle management services.

The financing of the car stock by AWR LEASE SERVICES does not affect the credit level of the user.

It is a 100% financing as compared with the financial leasing, which only covers 75-80% of the good\'s price).

The monthly rent is a cost which is completely deductible in the moment of its registration in the bookkeeping (as compared to the linear credit / financial leasing amortization).

Increases the financing capacity of the company: the advance payment is 0, so it does not imply an investment effort (as compared to 10-30 % leasing advance payment) and the vehicles are not registered as company\'s estate.

The financial risks (those connected to the reselling value of the vehicle, to the maintenance and repairing) are taken by AWR LEASE SERVICES. Your cash flow- is less complex, becomes easier and more predictable.

All the services are gathered in a fix monthly payment, calculated based on the real vehicle use, which permits a sure calculation of the expenses and protects you from all unpredictable costs. The monthly rate is unique and fix for the entire contract period.

Because they are part of the monthly rate, besides the good there are also financed the other costs (insurances, duties, taxes, inspections).

Auto Stock Maintenance:

The negotiation, conclusion and development of service contracts by offering preferential conditions for the client\'s vehicles;

The planning of the preventive maintenance service sessions, inspections and ITP as well as the information of the user regarding the period of time the vehicle shall be unavailable;

The organization and execution of the vehicle transfer on the route user – service and back

AWR LEASE SERVICES, through its specialized staff, will take care of all burocratic, administrative and maintenance aspects connected to the vehicle management. In this way the immobilization time is reduced to zero and your teams can be more productive.

Thanks to the normal and extraordinary maintenance interventions your vehicles shall always be efficient and the immobilization periods shall be short.

Our professional staff is at your disposal for the vehicles´ management, maintenance and repair by offering you a non-stop assistance

The preventive maintenance – we know it is cheaper to prevent than to repair. Based on our experience and expertise we schedule preventive maintenance activities in order to reduce the risk of faulty exploitation.

Auto Stock Management: Technical Support

The management and drawing up of the damage and repair folders is part of our tasks. The client has only the obligation to drawn up the legal formalities necessary in order to close that event.

The management of the auto stock (inspections and repairs), of the Casco (payment of the insurance premiums, franchise, unification of the insured sum) and RCA insurances, of Ro-vignettes and of the deadlines for the Periodic Technical Inspections means time, money and specialized staff. The team of specialists from AWR Lease Services takes over these tasks, manages and executes them without creating additional costs, these operations being included in the monthly rate.

You do not lose time at the service anymore, as we ensure the permanent monitoring of your car damages.

Call centre – a flexible solution to verbally express your problems and to receive immediately support. We shall always be near you, assisting you in order to solve any problem you might meet and establishing in this way the most direct communication between problem and solution. Our professional staff is placed at your disposal in order to manage, maintain and repair the vehicles, giving you a non-stop support.

Replacement vehicle – during the period of time your car is at service we shall give the client a replacement vehicle, with the condition that he observes all his contract obligations.

AWR LEASE SERVICES shall provide the staff necessary in order to bring the client\'s vehicles to:

- all inspection and repair works;

- periodical technical inspections (ITP);

- complete the formalities for opening the damage recover process, is the insurance company does not demand the client\'s presence.


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